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March 11, 2022


Company Background

Invoxia offers a few of the best innovative product portfolios out there. The product portfolio involves products that provide safety against any loss or theft. The vast portfolio offers different tracking devices that are dedicated to professionals and customers. The different uses may include the protection solution for cars, bikes, scooters, bicycles, valuables, pets, and other professional equipment.

The brand offers support for each stage of the product's life cycle. The skillful professionals are constantly working to provide better solutions to its users. 


  • Shopify Website Development.
  • Develop a Responsive and user-friendly Website


Shopify Website Development

Invoxia needed an online presence and for that, they decided to reach Webiators for their Shopify development service. There was a need for a conversion-oriented responsive website that brings more traffic and helps in boosting the revenue of the brand. The need for promotion for unique products offered by the brand needed more than just a social media presence. 

Business Method - B2C

Platform: Shopify

Payment Method: Master Card, Amex.

Shipping Method: FedEx, Shipstation, ShipEngine


First, we did a thorough analysis of the needs and unique requirements of the business. We identified some points that needed attention. These points included the identification and targeting of audiences. A successful website was planned to ensure there was a good brand image in the eyes of target customers

Final Outcome 

After analyzing the unique requirements of the business, we started planning and implementing the strategies tailor-fit to the needs of the brand. A secure website was created keeping in mind the user-friendliness and the current standards of the business to provide the best customer experience to the visitors of the website. 

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