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September 15, 2023


Company Background

Shapellx, a premier women's shapewear brand, presents an array of figure-enhancing silhouettes suitable for all occasions. They meticulously select sustainable materials and top-tier fabrics, ensuring each product complements any wardrobe. Our brand empowers women to embrace their individual style and confidently showcase their authentic selves to the world.


-- Building eCommerce Website on Shopify.

-- An Exceptional Performing, Feature-rich Website.

-- Boost Sales & Brand Management through Ads

Shopify Development Service

Our journey with this brand began with the creation of a cutting-edge eCommerce platform using Shopify. Leveraging the versatility and user-friendliness of Shopify, we established an online storefront that embodies the brand's identity. From seamless navigation to secure payment processing, our team ensured that the website provided an intuitive and reliable shopping experience.

Digital Marketing Service

-- Our commitment extended beyond aesthetics; we meticulously engineered the website for exceptional performance. It boasts fast loading times, responsive design, and an array of features such as product customization, user reviews, and a streamlined checkout process.

-- Our partnership with Shapellx goes beyond website development; we've actively contributed to boosting sales and brand management through Google & Facebook Ads.


To maximize the brand's reach and drive sales, we implemented a comprehensive advertising strategy. Utilizing data-driven insights, we crafted targeted ad campaigns across various platforms, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads. These campaigns not only increased sales but also bolstered brand visibility, ultimately contributing to effective brand management. Our efforts encompassed ad creation, budget optimization, and continuous performance analysis to ensure a successful outcome.

Final Outcome

The final outcome of our efforts included the successful establishment of a feature-rich eCommerce website on Shopify that delivered exceptional performance. Through our strategic advertising campaigns, we substantially boosted sales and increased brand visibility. This holistic approach led to significant growth in online sales and enhanced brand management, positioning the brand for continued success and expansion in its market.
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