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March 08, 2022


Company Background

Zleep Sleep patches help the users get their restful sleep back by offering sleep-enhancing patches that ensure deep sleep with the help of transdermal technology. Made with the best ingredients, Zleep patches are created with a blend of sleep-inducing ingredients that are continuously being delivered to the body. These ingredients can help in relieving anxiety, calming nerves, and eventually, making the user fall deep into sleep.

The use of the best ingredients on a sleep patch to calm the nerves has made Zleep sleep patches one of the best out there. Full of ingredients like Ashwagandha, Melatonin, Chamomile and Valerian root on easy-to-use sleep patches can help in reducing anxiety and inducing good sleep that many people have been struggling with.


-- Shopify Website Development

-- Build a responsive, conversion-oriented website.

Shopify Website Development

Zleep decided to go ahead with Webiators to get their Shopify development service done. They needed a flexible and responsive website design to get the best of their online strategy. They wanted to introduce sleep patches with the different target customers who needed a solution for sleep issues. Therefore, the main goal was to get more traffic and hence, more revenue. 

-- Business Method - B2C

-- Platform: Shopify

-- Payment Method: PayPal, Stripe, MasterCard

-- Shipping Method: USPS, FedEx, Shipstation


For Zleep, our major focus was to build a website that offers a responsive design and is highly rich in visuals to attract the attention of the visitors. For this, our skilled developers planned and implemented different Web Development strategies to provide a rich and responsive front-end service that helped in providing the best solution for the client’s business requirements.

Final Outcome

A responsive Shopify website was developed for Zleep. A responsive website helps in driving more traffic to the website by performing in the same way on all the devices. Therefore, with Webiators’ Shopify development service, the online presence of the brand was improved. There was a reduced cart abandonment rate as the pages were loading quickly. Also, the website helped increase the traffic, and therefore, there was a good boost in revenue. 

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