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March 11, 2022


Company Background

Emma Mattresses is one of the leading companies that offer comfortable and relaxed sleeping solutions to its customers. Special mattresses are designed to provide relaxation to all types of sleeping styles. The founders understood the need for improvement in sleep and therefore, wanted a solution that can work by changing the way people sleep.


  • Shopify Website Development.
  • Develop a Secure, Responsive Website


Shopify Website Development

When Emma mattresses reached out to Webiators, we found out that there was a need for a fully-functioned, feature-rich website. The brand needed a unique way of awareness amongst it’s target customers that will help in generation of more revenue based on the loop-holes of other similar products in the market. 

Business Method - B2C

Platform: Shopify

Payment Method: AUTORISED.NET, Paypal, Stripe

Shipping Method: USPS, FedEx, Shipstation


For, Emma Mattresses the target customers were people who faced difficulty while sleeping. Therefore, first we started by analysing the brand and the product portfolio offered by the brand. After that, a strategy was carefully thought of and the stages of implementation were identified and then the website was created. 

Final Outcome

After thorough analysis of the brand portfolio and the need for such products in the market, a Shopify website was created. This website was a feature-rich website and offered incredible user-friendliness. The website was a visual rich website that helped in driving more traffic and helped by boosting the revenue.

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