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December 03, 2021


Company Background

VIPwees is one of the best sellers of cool, cute, and fine caricatures. Its candid designs are hand-drawn and available on a wide variety of eco-friendly T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, and Hoodies for men, women, and children. They work hard every day to be sustainable and create sustainable products, making significant changes all the time to help reduce the environmental impact of our business and our customers. It uses only GMO-free organic cotton that is grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizers in the production of our clothing.


-Shopify Development

-Develop Flexible Design

VIPWees wanted Webiators to develop a Shopify website that is rich & flexible in the design along with high offering functionality. Their main niche was merchandise and wanted to generate recurring revenue through it.


In VIPWees, our main aim was to develop a website that is rich in visuals with flexible design. Here our developers have to implement Web Development techniques that create rich and interactive front-end solutions that fulfill clients’ requirements. 

Final Outcome

With the quick charge of the work, our expert Shopify developers built a ready-to-sell Shopify store. Our work strengthened the ability of the business to launch and sustain online stores. Our development offers high demanding functionalities to store which enables the merchant to maintain every product & customer data smoothly. Moreover, its rich visuals, flexible design & responsive performance make it tough competition in the market.

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