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Magento Upgrades

Reasons to Upgrade from Magento 1

Magento has been a very powerful and fast growing e-Commerce since its launch in 2007.

Nowadays, it is chosen as a major digital commerce platform by over 300,000 online retailers because of its modular architecture, complete scalability and a wide range of options. Howewer, like many other softwares, this shopping cart always upgrade its present version to become more compatible with users. The question is ‘Should we upgrade Magento?’.

We all believe that the appearance of the latter is the innovation of the previous. Here we give you some reasons to upgrade Magento.

Implementing new changes on the older platform will be more time-consuming for developers, more expensive for you, or could simply be impossible to do. Upgrading is a bullet-proof way to ensure better utilization of your time, resources, and your efforts to meet the needs of your customers.

Magento 2 was built to grow with your business. This new structure gives merchants granular control to adapt to the constant competitive changes within the commerce environment.

Many businesses have noted that they have a reduced need for extensions due to the native capabilities of Magento Commerce 2. Not only does this simplify development and maintenance, but it also enhances overall performance.

Functionality Bug Fixes:

Magento has continously added new functionality and bug fixes which will make your website run more smoothly and efficiently. So why don’t you take these advantages?

Specifically, with platform bugs, Magento version 2.3 gave fixes on web store and shopping cart, Promotional Price Rule, Administrative Ordering, Invoicing, Credit Memo, Import, Payment Method and many other fixes.

Security Updates:

The first reason why we should definitely upgrade Magento version as soon as possible is the security issues. The world of online security is progressing at light speed day by day. Maagento has stepped up its default security in the newest version to protect users’ privacy.

B2B Commerce Functionality:

This upgrade includes multiple new features that improve B2B functionality, which is targeted towards merchants whose primary customers are businesses, rather than consumers.

Performance Improvements:

Magento 2 has introduced multiple performance enhancing updates, including full-page caching (FPC) which improves page-loading speeds. 
When a page is fetched from the cache instead of being generated from a php server, it noticeably speeds up the site. This results in improved scalability and reduced latency.

Responsive Theme Updates:

The default Magento theme in the 2.3 version is mobile-responsive which is the best solution for salesman because the site that they invest in is compatible with any device of customers. This means that a shopping cart was design to work on any screen size. With responsive design, it is much more easy for merchants to boost conversion, for mobile-using customers to place an order or checkout anywhere.