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March 08, 2022


Company Background

Lofta is targeted at any person that faces an issue with Sleeping. May it be troubling inducing sleep, a sleep disorder, or maybe a diagnosis like Sleep apnea. Lofta provides numerous solutions for different sleep disorders through simplified treatments. 

The numerous sleep solutions are designed to make the users comfortable and to reduce the difficulty in falling asleep. Lofta has revolutionized how a diagnosis is made and how a therapy needs to start for sleeping disorders.


-- Shopify Website Development.

-- Develop a Safe, Secure, and Responsive Website.

Shopify Website Development

Lofta reached out to the team of Webiators for their Shopify development service solutions. The skillful team identified a need for a user-friendly, safe, and secure website design that can drive more traffic to the website and help in generating more revenues. There was also a need for brand awareness that also needed an online platform. 

-- Business Method - B2C

-- Platform: Shopify

-- Payment Method: Paypal, Stripe, Master card.

-- Shipping Method: UPS, USPS, FedEx.


Our main aim for Lofta was to create a website that is user-friendly and offers the best shopping experience to your website visitors. There were also some added functionalities to encourage the customers to purchase more from the store with an additional feature that helps in cross-selling the products by suggesting the products.

Final Outcome

A Shopify website was created for Lofta. This website had all the functionalities and the features that were needed by the client for their business. The website was a feature-rich website that helped in improving the sales and also helped in boosting the traffic on the website through organic and inorganic channels. The website was secure and safe and therefore, it had the trust of its customers and brand loyalty.

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