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December 14, 2019


Conektr is a Dubai based distribution company that focuses on providing reliable, responsive and revolutionary supply chain management solutions. They believe in expanding their businesses not by selling but by building a healthy partnership with the brand, distributors, retailers, and consumers. They aim to stay connected with each of these platforms throughout the distribution journey. This distribution industry works in hierarchy levels starting from the brands, then connects with the distributors. Distributors include sales team, marketing, trade marketing, activation, merchandising and logistics. Then comes the retailers who will directly associate with the consumers. Moreover, they provide retailers, consumers and delivery boy custom-built apps for better user interface and ease in maintaining connection.

Webiators designed This Website from scratch which is 100% mobile friendly and fully Functional.

Platform : Magento 2.3.1
Payment Method: CCAvenue

Business Type :Ecommerce
Shipping Method :offline
Main Features :Different mobile theme,voice search,matrix view for easy and quick order.

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