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March 25, 2022

Replacement Lampshades

Company Background

Replacement lampshades offer a vast design potential by encouraging their customers’ creativity to manufacture lampshades and replacement lampshades. All these lampshades are created based on what a customer wants. Everything, including dimensions and fabrics, are chosen based on the preference of the customer. The company offers its brilliant product portfolio across a diverse client base including retail, hospitality, interior design sector, and also directly to the customers and commercial markets. 

One of the best things about these lampshades are they are all handcrafted in the United States and are made keeping all the customer specifications as the base for their inspiration.


  • Magento Upgrade service.
  • A result-focused, feature-rich website.

Magento Upgrade Service

After analysis, we came to the conclusion that Replacement Lampshades needed an upgraded Magento Website. There was a need for better features and more security options on the website. The eCommerce website needed more security upgrades and some feature upgrades that were offered by the latest Magento version. There was a need for customer retention which we ensured by providing the best of customer service and an advanced website experience. 

Platform: Magento Upgrade Service, Magento ver. 2.4.3

Payment Method: Paypal, Hosted Payment Gateway for credit card

Business Type: Ecommerce, Lampshade

Shipping Method: FedEx, UPS, Table Rates, USPS


We started by thoroughly analyzing the existing store and the needs of the business. There were a few things that needed focused attention including better performance, improved features, and persuasion. Then, a specific strategy was created to make sure that the store fulfils all that the business requires and generates the desired outcome and at the same time provides a customer-centric experience. 

Final Outcome 

After deep analysis, we decided to start working based on what was the major focus for the brand. We started by upgrading the Magento store to the latest version and then worked on the strategies that were specifically created for this particular brand. A highly-functional, feature-rich website was created keeping in mind the current Magento standards and then was delivered to the client.

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