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August 29, 2021

Ciara & Jon

Ciara & Jon’s motive behind their Wedding Website

Jonathan and Ciara are getting married in Philadelphia. They want to make an online website dedicated to their wedding, that conveys information and enables communication with their guests. Moreover, they want “An Everlasting Memento”.

Research & Strategy

Planning & building a wedding website was quite challenging for us. Because a personal wedding website should be perfect that sets the tone for the big day! During our R&D we’ve listed out some points that we should follow while preparing the layout. That includes:

The website should give the guests a little insight into the couple’s relationship, and build up the excitement for the incredible wedding. 

-It should reflect the wedding day sneak peek.

-Should build a connection with the guests

-Easy to navigate with brief story and information. 

The Final Outcome

After so much effort from our research team, web designers & developers, we developed an elegant wedding website. The website has clean, bright colors and a splash of fun with cute, romantic photo reels. The colorful sketch images used in the website make it more fascinating and unique. Moreover, it's super easy to navigate, and full of information for their big day that makes accommodations easy for guests along with FAQs.

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