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December 25, 2023


Company Background

Founded in 1998, BSKYS emerged as a discreet solution for purchasing sex toys, catering to those uncomfortable with traditional adult stores. Their mission centers on promoting a positive approach to sex and bolstering sexual well-being for all genders and orientations. Initially offering discreetly shipped products, BSKYS expanded to provide sex advice, articles, reviews, and videos. Their vibrant message board encourages healthy discussions on sexuality and relationships. Today, BSKYS remains dedicated to empowering individuals through a diverse range of pleasure-enhancing products like vibrators, dildos, etc., and a supportive, informative platform.


-- Lower website's Spam Score from 37 to enhance credibility and trustworthiness.
-- Rectify Google penalty due to indexing issues, ensuring visibility even for the site's own name.
-- Outperform competitors by boosting visibility and ranking on search engines.
-- Implement Google Ads campaigns to augment online presence and attract targeted traffic.

Digital Marketing Service

-- Spam Score Reduction: Implement specialized techniques to lower the website's spam score, focusing on improving credibility indicators.
-- Penalty Recovery & Indexing: Perform a thorough audit and rectify issues leading to Google penalties, ensuring proper indexing for improved visibility.
-- SEO for Competitive Edge: Tailored SEO strategies to surpass competitors, enhancing search engine rankings and visibility.
-- Google Ads Management: Craft and manage targeted Google Ads campaigns to increase website traffic and visibility.


-- Conduct a comprehensive audit to identify and rectify issues contributing to the high Spam Score and Google penalties.
-- Execute SEO strategies, focusing on on-page and off-page optimizations, content enhancement, and link-building to outperform competitors.
-- Implement a structured Google Ads campaign, targeting relevant keywords and demographics to maximize visibility and traffic.

Final Outcome

-- Reduced Spam Score enhances website credibility, fostering trust and reliability among users and search engines.
-- Successful recovery from Google penalties ensures proper indexing, enabling the site to rank, even for its own name.
-- Improved SEO positions the website ahead of competitors, elevating visibility and attracting organic traffic.
-- Effective Google Ads campaigns drive targeted traffic to the site, further boosting visibility and expanding the audience reach.
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